Athletic Shoes to Wear With the Latest Fitness Fad

These days, the Zumba fad seems to be in decline. Picking up steam in its place: CrossFit, a popular cross training program featuring different, multi-faceted daily workouts that are posted online each day. Both men and women participate, comparing times and encouraging each other.

If you want to get started with CrossFit, you probably already have some clothes you could wear to work out in. If your wardrobe already includes some athletic clothing, you’re covered — except, probably, for the shoes.

In many cases, your current athletic shoes are not going to be quite right for CrossFit training, for all the reasons we explain in our brand new article about CrossFit shoes.

One popular brand to look at and consider: the Reebok Nano 4.0.

Before you buy new Crossfit shoes, you might pause to reflect: What if the fad dies? Or what if I lose interest?

In this case, no worries.

For starters, Crossfit doesn’t seem to be in any danger of dying out. While it may appear that the CrossFit trend came out of nowhere, it’s actually been around awhile.

Additionally, even if CrossFit somehow does lose its appeal, the broader cross training trend is here to stay. In any case, cross training shoes will be useful for many different activities — including regular gym workouts, or just wearing around.