Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0

Premium Crossfit Shoes by Reebok

Feast your eyes on the Reebok Nano 4.0, a colorful, trendy athletic shoe that’s as noteworthy for performance as it is for style. However fab it looks, the Nano’s appeal isn’t just with fashionistas. It has garnered a reputation among serious athletes as a top performer in the cross-training niche.

Specifically, Reebok Nanos are dedicated CrossFit shoes, and the Nano 4.0 is a favorite choice among CrossFit training enthusiasts. Many of them are wearing and endorsing the Nano.

It’s hard to say for sure how much bias comes into play. Reebok is an official CrossFit partner, and also a sponsor of the CrossFit Games. Since participants are expected to wear the “official” gear, they don’t have much choice but to show up to the competitions wearing Reeboks. It’s possible that some athletes would prefer different shoes if it weren’t for this not-so-subtle push towards Reebok gear.

Nevertheless, there are a bunch of top-notch athletes who have endorsed and praised the Nano, and it has accumulated positive testimonials from a wide variety of different athletes — from the casual to the hardcore. In the Nano’s favor, many of the positive testimonials are from people who don’t participate in the official games.

Prior to the Reebok Nano 4.0, there was the 3.0. In previous marketing campaigns, Reebok asserted that the Nano 3.0 was “our most versatile training shoe ever constructed.” The shoes have evolved even further since then, and for this iteration, they’ve managed to improve on the Nano even further.

Here’s the lowdown on the Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0:

  • They’re easy on the eyes. Check out the eye-popping color stories Reebok has created — but if you don’t like any of the off-the-shelf choices their design team came up with, you can design your own colorway in the Reebok store. For real! You can even choose the color of the shoelaces, and grab an extra pair of laces as you check out.
  • The shoes are featherweight and flexible, allowing for a comfortable range of motion, particularly in the roomy toe-box area.
  • For most sorts of exercises, you’ll enjoy a balanced, well-grounded feeling in these shoes. However, not so much for long-distance running, where they don’t compare favorably to actual running shoes.
  • The mesh upper allows for airflow, allowing your feet to “breathe” and stay reasonably dry.
  • 4mm differential between the heel and the toe — meaning that the heel is elevated approximately 4 mm higher than the toe on this shoe.
  • Reasonably stable and durable for this sort of lightweight athletic shoes.
  • Sizes are available for both men and women.
  • Ideal for a variety of different workouts and movements including your typical CrossFit WOD fare — sprints, squats, rope climbs, etc. Also performs well for a variety of weight lifting maneuvers.

The Verdict: If you plan to compete in the CrossFit games, you can’t go far wrong with a pair of Reebok Nanos.

If you’re more of a casual CrossFit participant, you have plenty of worthy choices — but even so, the Reebok CrossFit Nano 4.0 is a worthwhile contender, with a lot of development behind it and a fantastic track record for performance. Overall, we rate the Nano 4.0 as a recommended buy.

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