5 Reasons You Need Black Platform Sandals

Black Platform Sandals by Marc Jacobs

Black Platform Sandals by Marc Jacobs, Available for Sale Online at the Forzieri Website.

Diamonds aren’t really a girl’s best friend. Nope. Forget diamonds. In all honesty, diamonds are overpriced, and they rarely hold their value. Your honest-to-God, really, truly, best friend forever best friend isn’t a diamond. It’s actually a pair of sexy high-heeled black platform sandals.

Why? Well, there are bunches of reasons. Off the top of my head, I can already think of five exceptionally good reasons you need black platform sandals. Please allow me to elaborate.

1. Black Platform Sandals Will Slenderize Your Silhouette Instantly.

These magical creations hold the secret every woman needs to losing weight — without actually losing weight. No counting calories. No starving yourself. No sweating it on a treadmill. No getting up at the crack of dawn to go running. If you want to look your sexiest, these shoes will do the trick faster than any crash diet could.

Platform sandals will elongate and slim your silhouette without any additional effort on your part. Well, OK, in all honesty, it could possibly require a bit of additional effort on your part — because when you try on your first pair of high-heeled platforms, you may need to devote a teeny bit of effort to re-learning how to walk. The higher the platform, the likelier you are to be a little off-balance when you’re first getting used to the shoes.

But other than that, putting on a pair of platforms is the easiest way on earth to look thinner. Seriously. Try it!

2. Black Platform Sandals Are the Perfect Party Shoes.

If you only buy one pair of shoes for after five, it might as well be a pair of dressy high-heeled black platform sandals. These babies are suitable footwear for restaurant dinners, cocktails and dancing, catching a concert, holiday parties and any other occasions where you’d put on a black cocktail dress. Or a red cocktail dress. Or a burgundy cocktail dress… you get the idea.

3. Black Platform Sandals Match Most Party Dresses.

Oh yeah, did I mention that high-heeled black platform sandals match most party dresses and cocktail dresses beautifully? Sure, there are always going to be exceptions, but a killer pair of platform sandals will cover most of your bases in this department.

These days, flatter platforms and lower-heeled platforms are also trendy — and those are lovely for more casual occasions.

4. Black Platform Sandals Are Trendy Right Now.

Let’s face it — nobody wants to look out of date. It doesn’t hurt to have trendy items like this in your wardrobe — even if you don’t think of yourself as a trendsetter, and you’d rather not be a slave to the trends.

5. Black Platform Sandals Make You Taller.

Unless you’re already over six feet tall, you might enjoy the sensation of being taller. This is an especially cool perk for you petite ladies who have tall boyfriends / husbands. Tired of standing on your toes while your honey hunches over, just to get a kiss? Platform sandals. Yes!

So there you have it. Those are five fantastic excuses to get yourself a stunning new pair of black platform sandals. You’re welcome!

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