Top 5 Plus Size Fashion Tips

If you’re a plus-size lady, we invite you to put these top 5 fashion tips to good use.

  1. You Are an Artist’s Canvas. And imagine how delightful it is that you are also the artist who gets to style that canvas. Lucky you, to have a larger-than-average canvas to work with. What will you fill it with? Bold beautiful prints? Eye-catching colors? Dazzling gems and jewels? A rule of thumb for everyone is that you don’t want to wear anything that would overpower your frame. So, plus-size ladies can typically get away with wearing more dramatic designs than a smaller woman could. You don’t have to take advantage of this if the idea doesn’t appeal to you, but it’s nice to have that option in case you want to.

  2. When You Shop, Shop Primarily for the Life You’re Living Now. And shop for the you that you are today. Maybe your weight fluctuates frequently; that’s OK. Don’t beat yourself up about it, and don’t worry about shopping for anything that isn’t part of your immediate here-and-now. If a garment fits you right now, looks good on you right now, you can afford it right now, you love it right now, and you have somewhere you plan to wear it in the next few days or weeks, buy it. Otherwise? Skip it, and save your money for something that does fit into your life here-and-now – or save your money for the future when your lifestyle / weight / needs may be drastically different than they are today.

  3. Reject Any Garment That Does Not Enhance Your Assets. We all have assets. For some of us, it’s clear skin; for others, it’s a perfect little nose; for others, it’s flawless manicured nails.

    Whatever your assets, you’ll find that some wardrobe pieces enhance them, and others don’t.

    I once had a plus-sized colleague with a talent for selecting blouses that made her eyes look extra-sparkly. Her extraordinary eyes were the first thing you noticed about her, before you registered her wardrobe, her weight, or anything else about her. This colleague has been an important source of inspiration for me; she helped me to realize that I don’t need to be Cindy Crawford to be beautiful, and that it doesn’t take much effort to make the most of what I have. When I asked her what her secret is, she laughed and gave me the same advice I’m passing on to you. “It’s very simple,” she said. I don’t buy anything to wear unless it enhances my eyes.” You can successfully apply this advice to just about any asset.

  4. When You Find Something That Works, Stick With It. Don’t let your fashion successes be a one-time thing. Build them into a signature style that you can rely on time and time again.

    For example, maybe you’ve discovered that your new babydoll top draws attention to your face and hides your tummy beautifully. If so, it’s time to try on some more babydoll tops with similar designs, and maybe even some babydoll dresses too. If you’ve discovered that you look fantastic in baby blue, it’s time to add several coordinating light blue pieces to your wardrobe.
  5. Wear Platforms. If there are times when you want to look taller and thinner, there’s no easier way on earth to accomplish those goals than putting on a high-heeled pair of platform shoes.