Shoes for Outdoor Adventures

Shoes for Outdoor Adventures
Shoes for Outdoor Adventures
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Now that spring is officially here, are you ready to get outdoors and go walking, hiking, or camping? I sure am looking forward to having some fun outdoor adventures this spring and summer. You too?

Problem is, I’m long overdue to go shopping for some new sneakers, hiking boots and sandals. The shoes pictured above are what I used to wear, but nowadays they are a couple of years old and totally worn out. Since I’m not into the idea of barefoot hiking, I’m checking the Internet to see what some of my best new outdoor footwear options would be.

I’ve been browsing the ‘net in search of quality athletic shoes, casual shoes and outdoor shoes for both men and women, because my husband is in need of new shoes, too. We’re both outdoors enthusiasts, but I’m more of a casual athlete, and my husband is more of a hardcore adventure-seeker and extreme sports nut.

Since my husband is into kayaking, I’m eyeing the latest water shoes that are available at We’re also both sailing enthusiasts, so I’m checking out a few different stores to see the Topsiders and deck shoes that are available for boaters.

I could also stand to buy a new pair of hiking boots or trail running shoes, not to mention a new pair of sandals. My next footwear purchase will likely be a new pair of Birkenstocks. My last pair of Tevas was complete junk, so I’m not interested in buying any more of those.

I’m also taking a look at the current offerings by Merrell, Salomon, Reebok, Timberland, the North Face, and Columbia. So many cool shoes… and only the tiniest of shopping budgets to work with. I’ll keep y’all posted on what I decide on.