Hello Kitty Is Not a Cat

You already know that Hello Kitty is an iconic cartoon character. You’ve seen her around all over the place, and her style is instantly recognizable. She usually wears a cute hair bow, and a blank facial expression. Sometimes she appears to just be a floating kitty cat head, but sometimes she appears wearing a trendy dress or outfit as well.

But did you know that Hello Kitty is not a cat?

She isn’t a cat, but that was definitely news to us. Like quite a few other people, we thought she was a cat.

While there were many things causing us to assume she was a cat — her kitty-cat ears, cat-like appearance and even her name — it turns out that our assumption was wrong.

Our bad.

We wondered — how could one of the world’s most famous cats turn out to not be a cat after all? So we set out to investigate this puzzling situation.

We found out some interesting facts along the way. For starters, the lovely Hello Kitty is about to be featured in her very own retrospective museum exhibition. How exciting!

This causes us to ponder: what will she be wearing when we see her there? Will she dress up? Will she wear her famous hair bow, or something snazzier — perhaps a tiara? As fashion bloggers, we’re hoping to see Ms. Kitty dazzle her museum audience by really putting on the glitz. But I digress.

Hello Kitty’s exhibition date is set for October 11, 2014 through April 26, 2015. It will take place at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles, California. We’ve marked our calendars for this event, and will look forward to hearing more about it.

Next, we found out that Sanrio is hosting a Hello Kitty convention at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles from October 30th to November 2, 2014.

So with this news in mind, we return to the original question: how could Hello Kitty not be a cat?

The explanation seemed obvious once it was pointed out to us. She isn’t a cat because she’s a cartoon character.

According to Hello Kitty’s official bio at the Sanriotown website, Hello Kitty’s full, given name is Kitty White. The Sanriotown websites says,

“Hello Kitty is a cheerful and happy little girl with a heart of gold.”

Aren’t you glad we cleared that up for you?


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